The Parmond Singh story

Parmod Singh and Druid Cycles met via e-mail. He applied for an internship with us in London in October 2009.

After reading his CV, we became aware that Parmod was not just a keen cycle shop intern but the national MTB Cross Country champion of India, 2007!

With such a promising career as a sportsman, Parmod only stopped competing because he was forced to sell his bikes and the bicycle business he worked at did not support his sporting ambitions.

Because of the usual complications surrounding Parmods visa application for an internship in the UK, we thought that we could instead focus on his racing career in India.

Having not cycled or competed for 2 years, getting back to fitness, with a full-time job, and usual pressures looked impossible. But in 2 months time he managed to get ready for the first competition and Druid cycles got him a new MTB competitor bike.

To our amazement there was no MTB competition scheduling in 2010 in the THE WHOLE OF INDIA; the Indian Cycling Association has not organized a National level competition for 2 years. (feel free to comment on that below)!

But we also need to understand that circumstances and conditions are far more difficult for organizing competitor events in India; an example being an attempt this February, by Parmod to compete locally in Chandrigarh, which turned out not to be suitable for his Mountain bike, but for BMX and dirt bikes only.

Eventually we decided to go for a road race, just to get Parmod back onto the cycling circuit. The first race took place near Chandrigarh, and was a State level competition.

The journey back to fitness and national competition has not been easy: In the sprint Parmod came fifth of only five riders competing, with the gap between 1st and fifth a tangible 10minutes for a 5K race. But for a national champion who had not competed nor even cycled for two years, it looked to us like a good come back. For Parmod it meant he could say hello to his old mates again, ” I am back again”, which gave us a lot of happiness too.

In the following 50km race he could not complete, because of a technical defect after 24km and no help in sight. Disappointed, he gave up.

Now the exciting bit of the story begins.*Pay attention!* Because of his hard work and because Parmod competed again at State level, he was given the opportunity to enter for the Mumbai Cyclothon 2010 on the 21st of February to ride the 50km race. The event is sponsored by a Bollywood actor, Salman Khan and his “Being human” charity.

It turned out that the race has not been very human for Indian riders in the 50km race and was an endurance feat of heat, lack of food and water, 7000 spectators on a Mumbai flyover and 44 riders finishing out of 116 riders. Parmod was one of those 44 who finished, and needless to say without the spoils of the international and media friendly competitors. We salute you Parmod!

Mumbai Cyclethon 2010

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