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Druid Cycles is a bicycle workshop in the heart of South East London. We are a cycling community that fixes bikes, sells them and runs bicycle events. We also offer a great bicycle maintenance service – that is both quick and cheap!

Druid Cycles London

If you’d like to join us as a volunteer, click here or come down to London Bridge and visit the workshop.

Our story

At the beginning of the century the forgotten spiritual connections that join the megaliths moved to fit the contours of the new millennium. In 2006, the point where the ley line of fire crosses the line of the earth-mother moved and opened a doorway in time and space to Londinium and the Druids – the forgotten masters of the ancient world. These legendary figures saw a world in need. Drawing on their mystical powers they created a community of people to revive the lost connections to the earth and heal the world – one bike at a time.

Druid Cycles was born on Druid Street (what a coincidence!) to repair cycles and sell recycled bikes and to work with local community and put the spirit back in cycling.  Check out what other people have said about us here.

How to get to Druid Cycles

30 Druid Street / Arch 839 Roper Lane
London, United Kingdom, SE1 2EH

Opening hours: Mo-Fri 9am – 7pm; Sat. 10am – 6pm

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