If you would like to be a trainee at Druid Cycles, we are open to a wide range of positions. At the moment we are looking for:

  • trainee Bike mechanics
  • Airbrush artists
  • IT students with experience on Mac, Linux OS and wireless internet technology.
  • students who would like to participate in the building of a mobile sound system on wheels.
  • All positions are on a voluntary only basis
  • Just let us know what you do and contact us for an interview. Also, if this is directly related to school course work, please let us know of your course requirements early on. We do expect some prior experience, but of course we are ready to help you expand your skills.


For trainee mechanics we expect basic bicycle maintenance skills, a good command of the English language and a good knowledge of central London. Artists should be familiar with airbrush or spray can art.

In addition we expect a good attitude to work and punctuality.

Druid Cycles is a none for profit organization and does not employ at the present time.

The minimum age to volunteer at Druid Cycles is 18y.o.

Contact: Thor  00447426941304

Please take a look at our training contract: druid_trainee contract


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