Repairs & Pricing

Many of the bicycles we sell and repair are pre-loved donations received from good natured people, we make sure to apply liberal amounts of elbow grease to bring them up to Druid standard. We want more people on the road, but we want them to be safe out there  as well. So, while we have a basic pricing list below, we know not everyone has the cash to keep their bike in tip-top condition. We offer really good prices for our bicycle repairs ( probably the cheapest in South East London,  but we don’ t want to brag about it) and pride ourselves on getting your bike back to you as quick as we can.

We offer discounts to students, NHS staff, members of the LFB, employees of Southwark Council, members of the armed forces, disabled riders – wheel chair users and riders on benefits.  However they have to join our facebook group to qualify:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/druidcycles/

Basic Pricing:

  • Full Service – £70 parts excluded (incl. cleaning)
  • Small Service – £55 (brakes and gears), parts excluded
  • Leather handlebar tape – £25 from recycled sofa leather
  • Wheel truing – £15 , 2 wheels £25
  • bottom bracket service – £30
  • bottom bracket extraction when ceased – £ 35
  • brake service only – £20 + parts
  • Bike cleaning valet – £30 ( hand cleaned without chemicals)
  • Puncture repair from £11 to £20,  (rear wheels with hubs or coaster brakes, chain guards from £20)
  • Puncture repair for hub gears or drum brakes – add £10
  • Gear tuning – £25 + parts
  • Minor repairs £5 + parts
  • Bicycle assembly – 50£ (involves lubrication of all moving parts)
  • Frame re-spray – £200, incl. stripping and assembly
  • Full vintage bike restoration £250, incl. all labors
  • Frame welding from £50, incl. touching up of paint
  • Saddle upholstery with recycled leather from £35 – £50
  • Ceased Seat post , stem extraction from £30, difficult repairs can cost more, depending on the time we spent.
  • If you have any other mayor issues with your bicycle and are advised by other shops, to dispose of your bike, do not hesitate to come to us, we will try to repair it. We are 95% successful and charge much less, than other shops have quoted to you.

    Fully restored and re-sprayed vintage ladies bike "The Humber"

    Fully restored and re-sprayed vintage ladies bike “The Humber”



  1. Can you weld new track dropouts on and how much? Thanks

    • Hello Hasan, for this job you need to search for a frame builder. or you can ring armourtex Ltd. in Hackney, ask for Duncan. they have connection to a frame builder.

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