Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage cycling as an environmentally friendly form of transport as part of a healthy and self-fulfilling lifestyle, playing our role in protecting the environment through recycling old cycles and cycle parts. We are rooted in the community and believe in exchanging community support, knowledge and materials.

Druid Cycles is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) formed to benefit the cycling community of London and surrounding areas, as well international cycling sponsorship and promotion. We provide recycling of old bicycles (and other cycles) and cycle parts so that cyclists can obtain cheaper access to owning a bicycle and to reduce the waste of old and unwanted bicycles. We accept donations of unwanted bicycles and parts.

We teach bicycle maintenance and other work-related skills; we provide a place where bicycle mechanics with training can improve their working skills; we provide opportunities for artists and artisans to decorate or accessorize bicycles and other objects; we promote social welfare and economic inclusion, including integration of marginalised groups and minorities into the wider cycling community; and we develop and promote cycling awareness.

We are also available for community training schemes and have worked with Southwark Council and others to support cycling and bicycle-repair training initiatives in the borough. We believe that as cyclists we are part of the community.

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