Druid Cycles CIC shop front in May 2013

Druid Cycles CIC shop front in May 2013

We are a community bicycle repair and sales shop, specializing in cycle repairs and cycle servicing of London bikes. We also restore, repair and resell second-hand cycles and have cycle bargains in the shop. We are based in central London (just south from TowerBridge, in London SE1) and offer a friendly walk-in services, our bicycle repairs are top quality and competitively priced.

Whatever your cycle repair, from small problems such as a puncture, brake tightening, service or maintenance, to a bigger job which the other cycle shops say cannot be done.. bring it in and we will give you a quote on the spot.

We also help with bicycle repairs after a cycle accident to get you back on the road as fast as possible – and we can even help with specialist legal contact.

We sell a wide range of second-hand bicycles in London SE1, some of them old and unwanted bikes and some which we rebuild from second-hand parts.

Druid Cycles is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) formed to benefit the cycling community of London and surrounding areas, as well international cycling sponsorship and promotion. We provide recycling of old bicycles (and other cycles) and cycle parts so that cyclists can obtain cheaper access to owning a bicycle and to reduce the waste of old and unwanted bicycles. We accept donations of unwanted bicycles and parts.

David Hack. artist from Barcelona, with his new Druid Sign creation.

David Hack. artist from Barcelona, with his new Druid Sign creation.


Giving back – sponsorship and training

One goal of Druid Cycles CIC  is to sponsor cyclists from around the world.  Our  first sponsored rider was  Parmond Singh, a cyclist from India, competing for us at the 50km men’s road bicycle race at the Mumbai cyclothon in 2010 and an High Altitude MTB race in Kathmandu,Nepal. We have backed woman cyclist Nirjala Tamrakar from Nepal .

Parmod Singh from Chandigar, India

Parmod Singh from Chandigar, India

History of Druid Cycles

Druid Cycles began on 29 May 2009 as I-Bike in a 20-square-metre shop, running solely on volunteers and community help. However, within six months, the bicycle repair and second-hand cycle sales shop at 18 Druid Street in London SE1 had tripled in size, thanks to the help of many volunteers.

After team discussions and some research we named our shop Druid Cycles based on realizing the numerous values the shop shared with the ancient Druids. Not only does Druid Cycles seek to protect nature, but we perform magic in our bicycle repairs and cycle customizations that are slowly, but surely, creating a paradise for all London cyclists.

In May 2010, Druid Cycles was registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), making the current community-based efforts into an official business. Druid Cycles’ quest to help improve cycling in London is carried out with the help of: the London Cycling Campaign (LCC), the Southwark Cyclists, the Southwark Council and many others – we owe lots of thanks to our bicycle buddies.

In January 2013 we moved a few yards closer to Tower Bridge Road to our new much smaller bicycle repairs and second-hand cycles shop in Roper Lane, London SE1 2EH after Network Rail required our old space for work to develop London Bridge station.

We have settled well at our new location for the Druid Cycles bicycle shop in London SE1, and we have gained many new customers and friends. We have even started to decorate the arches around where we stay, bringing color and plants to the historic brickwork.

Just recently we sponsored the  fixi rider Edgars Aizbalts from Latvia, at the Red Bull minidrome race in Milan, on the 23rd of November 2013.

Edgars Aizbalts and Toms Alsbergs, both from Latvia in a head to head race.

Edgars Aizbalts and Toms Alsbergs, both from Latvia in a head to head race.



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